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Global Citizen Club
The Future Of Luxury, Where Virtual Meets Reality
A State-of-the-Art Club
At the Global Citizen Club (GCC), we provide a sophisticated and elite experience that feels like a work of art.

We’re fashioning a unique framework that bridges the gap between the NFT space and the real world. Whether you’re a brand looking to explore Web3, or an NFT collector with a penchant for luxury – this is the space to be.

Welcome to the Club.
GCC Genesis Collection
Gentlemen Edition
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GCC Genesis Collection
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GCC Membership
Your GCC NFT (Citizen) serves as your membership into our private Club. The more Citizens you hold, the higher your membership tier. This influences your GCC $MILE accumulation, which can be used to unlock upcoming collections, special prizes and experiences here.

Benefits aside, you’re an investor in this Club, and that makes you a part of a revolutionary venture that is transforming the way businesses operate in Web3.
How To Be An Official GCC Member!
Discover a world of luxurious benefits when you become an official member/holder of the club.
Purchase and hold at least 1 GCC NFT.
Each NFT automatically generates $MILE, which is added to your account each week.
Collect more to upgrade your membership tier.
Your membership tier is influenced by the number of GCC NFTs you have. The more NFTs you own, the more $MILE you'll get.
Login in to your membership portal
Connect to your wallter to check your $MILE.
Use $MILE to redeem exclusive NFT and Rewards!
Redeem exclusive NFTs and rewards with $MILE at the Lounge.
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Official Partners
Kadokawa Gempak Starz
Royal Selangor
Frequently Asked Questions
The Global Citizen Club (GCC) is an exclusive luxury lifestyle Club in the NFT world and beyond, designed to connect NFT collectors from across the globe with a penchant for luxury, while linking businesses to the Web3 space. We have a genesis collection of 8,888 unique Citizens on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Citizen generates a certain amount of GCC $MILE, which can be used to redeem upcoming NFT collections, special rewards, real-life utilities and many more. Your total number of Citizens influences your membership tier (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Black), which determines the number of GCC $MILE you earn on a weekly basis.
We’re hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.
All GCC Citizen holders are automatically members of our Club. You’ll enjoy a plethora of rewards and benefits, such as:
  • - Earn GCC $MILE weekly to redeem rewards, physical products and experiences from our webstore
  • - Enjoy special access to private events, limited-edition product launches from premium brands, and more
  • - Unlock commercial usage of NFTs
  • - Gain access to DAO (Decentralized Autonomous System) and earn voting privileges for the future of the Club*

*limited to Black Card holders

More updates will be released as we progress further down the Roadmap.
We have fully sold out our 8,888 unique NFTs from our genesis Gentlemen Edition, now available on Opensea. Not to worry, there will be upcoming limited-edition collections reserved for GCC holders.
Yes, you may purchase our NFTs on Opensea. If you spot one you like that isn’t for sale, you can always bid on it.
Mint price: 0.08 ETH (exclusive of gas fee)
Your membership status will be automatically updated when you purchase/sell/transfer Citizens. Login with your wallet to update your profile.
Some products and rewards are redeemable on our Webstore, and some partnership-related ones are redeemable on the exclusive partnership portals within our site.
There is no expiration date for GCC $MILE.
Yes, you can transfer GCC $MILE to another wallet via our website.